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Kim and I carved Jack O’Lanterns for our family today!

Pac-Man Ghost Pumpkin
Pac-Man Ghost Pumpkin

Kim's Pumpkin
Kim's Pumpkin

Olivia's Pumpkin
Olivia's Pumpkin

You can see some of our pumpkins from previous years by clicking here!

And for good measure, here’s a photo of the cutest duckling in the world!

Can I Have Some More?

Every year, Kim and I have a tradition of carving jack o’ lanterns.  Typically she makes a happy one while I make one involving sculpted teeth in some way.  This year, Kim’s sister Kristin joined in with the fun!

The Vampkin – by Me!

Glowing Vampkin

Baby Pumpkin
Baby Pumpkin – also by me – in honor of Olivia!  🙂

Smiling Pumpkin
Kristin’s Pumpkin – it reminds me of something out of Nightmare Before Christmas!

Happy Pumpkin
Kim’s Pumpkin – I love it’s cartoony eyes!

And here they all are glowing:

Vampkin Baby Pumpkin
Smiling Pumpkin Happy Pumpkin

Click any of the photos to see them on Flickr where you can view larger!

Have a Happy Halloween!