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I caught some cool video of the polar bear swimming underwater at the Lincoln Park Zoo a couple of week ago.

We went to the Field Museum in Chicago this past weekend.  Olivia loved the dinosaurs – before I filmed this, she was sitting in her stroller, legs up against the bar, saying “Roar!” over and over.  It was so cute!

Video from our trip to COMDEX in Chicago in the summer of 2001:

On the trip was me, Phil, Kacie, Josh, Ian, and Ryan.  Probably one of my most memorable trips to Chicago!

On Saturday we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha for what has become our typical annual trip. This was Olivia’s first time at the zoo, and though she didn’t seem to really pay much attention to most of the animals, she was very fascinated by the aquarium – especially when the large schools of fish would swim overhead.

Jaguar Clawing Tree

Two-Toed Sloth Eating Dinner
Two-Toed Sloth Eating Dinner

Mother and Baby Tiger
Mother and Baby Tiger

Roseate Spoonbill

Montage of video from the Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium

The two-toed sloth.  This was by far the most active we’ve seen the sloth.

I have many, many photos from the Henry Doorly Zoo over the years. Click here to see my gallery of Henry Doorly on Flickr.