This past week I acquired a new piece of art for my home office – “Apples of My Eyes” by Julie VandeBerg.

“Apples of My Eyes” by Julie VandeBerg

Our friends know that my wife Kim and I are really into art for our home.  This past summer, we met Julie VandeBerg, a local Des Moines artists whose eclectic art style we really enjoyed.  At the Artfest Midwest we purchased a large painting for the living room of our new house, and this got me thinking I should look for a piece for my home office.

In 2006, I commissioned a custom piece for my office by Sarah Kargol, a similar artist, and I’ve always been happy with the results.

Monsterboard by Sarah Kargol

With this in mind, I approached Julie about doing a new piece for my office.  She asked if I had any ideas, to which I replied:

In the process of setting up my new home office now, so not much to look at, but maybe if I tell you what I do?  I have a small development company that creates apps for iPhone/iPad (and some android coming soon) as well as websites.  I also consult for  communications companies on new consumer products (think things like online backup, email, streaming video, etc).
So most likely something inspired by communication, or mobile, or something like that.  Or something generally techy, or sci fi or even maybe steampunky.  I don’t want to give too much specific direction as I know the best art requires personal inspiration, and I like your style and other pieces you have done, so I don’t want to lose the “you” in it.

From this, she went to work and produced the following sketches a few weeks later. (Click any to view larger).


From these a few things stood out to me:

  1. I liked the “flying as communication” metaphor
  2. I liked the inclusion of apples and robots representing the mobile development
  3. I didn’t feel that my company name (Nolasoft) needed to be incorporated into the piece.

A couple of months later, I received the piece.  She also sent me these photos of the piece under construction. (Again, click to zoom).