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I love this set of photos featured on the Flickr blog by Vincent Bousserez.

An amazing video of a Saturn fly-by using thousands of high-res photos from the Cassini orbiter.

5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation from stephen v2 on Vimeo.

This is a great video put together by NASA…

My little girl Olivia is just about the greatest thing ever!

It’s hard to believe she’s nearly 8 months old!

2010 Cross Holiday Card

Video from our trip to COMDEX in Chicago in the summer of 2001:

On the trip was me, Phil, Kacie, Josh, Ian, and Ryan.  Probably one of my most memorable trips to Chicago!

Silent Night translated into Huttese and sang by the big man himself!


Ok, this is pretty awesome.


Every year, Kim and I have a tradition of carving jack o’ lanterns.  Typically she makes a happy one while I make one involving sculpted teeth in some way.  This year, Kim’s sister Kristin joined in with the fun!

The Vampkin – by Me!

Glowing Vampkin

Baby Pumpkin
Baby Pumpkin – also by me – in honor of Olivia!  🙂

Smiling Pumpkin
Kristin’s Pumpkin – it reminds me of something out of Nightmare Before Christmas!

Happy Pumpkin
Kim’s Pumpkin – I love it’s cartoony eyes!

And here they all are glowing:

Vampkin Baby Pumpkin
Smiling Pumpkin Happy Pumpkin

Click any of the photos to see them on Flickr where you can view larger!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Those who know our cats probably know that with the comic below, both scenarios apply!

See the whole comic by clicking here.